Friday, February 19, 2010

Becky and Lewie's (Deck of Card's)

Starting the day out, we actually thought that we might see a little snow. I have always wanted to take wedding day photos in the snow so I probably was the only one excited about the weather. It didn't snow and Becky and Lewie's wedding couldn't have been any better. I can tell that they share a lot in common. I love Becky's Laugh. The theme was "All you need is Love" by the Beatles.

Becky mentioned that they were honeymooning on their boat. I thought that would make a great parting shot, bride and groom blissfully enjoying their boat while saying goodbye. Little did I know that the boat was a yacht. It was a floating home. I only wished that it was a beautiful, sunny day and we could have taken the boat out. (Maybe later - um, Becky and Lewie???)

Patten Chapel was an excellent place for the ceremony and Chattanooga Golf and Country Club did an excellent job on the reception as usual. Special thanks to Soirees of Chattanooga for providing the coordination. Beasley Photography,

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