Friday, April 18, 2008

Massari Woods Dance Team

Warning... this video rocks. It's banquet time for the Massari woods dance team and I wanted to rock the house a little bit and show off some cool dance team photos. Let me know how you like this. The video animation is really awesome.

Tonya and Bo's Wedding

Last Saturday, we we asked to join Tonya and Bo as they walked down the aisle at Dalton First United Methodist Church. Tonya, you looked stunning and your smile was amazing. Tonya is always wanting to be different and when she wanted to climb a tree for a portrait, we were there. We hope you enjoy these.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Isabel and Madelyn in Black and White

In a recent Black and White studio session, Isabel and Madelyn brought mom, grandmom and great-grandmom in for a once in a lifetime portrait. We love generational photography. Just think of the value of this type of image 20 years from now. The girls were so cute and we all just melted when we started to review the images.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Elecia and Aaron's Wedding

It's that time again. Spring... beautiful weather, green grass, and weddings. Last weekend, Angela and I were asked to join the Jenkins and Middleton families as Elecia and Aaron were joined in marriage at Peavine Baptist Church in Rock Springs, Ga. We really enjoyed working with Aaron and Elecia. Karen Hanshaw with Karen's Kakes provided all the decorations for the church and reception (706)375-5614.

Please enjoy the following slide show. This is a sneak peak for the rest of the images.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Buddy's Life

Here is Buddy at 2 weeks

Angela and I recently visited one of our favorite families. We spent some time with Buddy Jackson as he turned "1". Buddy is very easy going and a joy to shoot (I think that Angela just really enjoys holding him). He and his brother, Hank and mom, Ginny Brooke were having a great time. We just let Buddy play and he did all of the work for us. Hank was especially helpful.

Chattanooga Children's Photographer - Greg Beasley Photography

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tim and Stacey's Engagement

What a beautiful day and what a beautiful couple. They actually picked out the location and what a great location it was. Tim and Stacey are planning on getting married on June 8, 2008. They have a cool web site (check it out).

Amato Wedding Album

Last year, we were asked to photograph the wedding of Susan Coppedge and Lorenzo Amato. The wedding and reception were both held in Mentone Springs, Alabama. Susan and Lorenzo were fantastic to work with; as were both families. It was an extremely fun day for us. Lorenzo asked to add an Italian flag behind his family portraits. I love it when we can collaborate with our clients and deliver an album that tells their story. I hope you enjoy seeing the finished album.