Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beasley Photography and the Gugelman Senior Seminar

Angela and I just returned from one of the best experiences of our lives. We visited Travis Gugelman in Rexburg,Idaho for a three day intense senior workshop. Tuesday morning (at 3:00am) Travis took us to the Grand Tetons and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wednesday, 4 vans of people plus one trailer of couches, chairs, dresses and photography gear took off for three hours to a ghost town in Virginia City, Montana. We spent the entire day in the ghost town photographing and watching Travis demonstrate his style. It was amazing. We can't even process all that we saw and heard during these three days. Keep scrolling down and view the Ghost town and Yellowstone photos.


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Ghost Town, Virginia City, Montana

Just imagine, you're riding your horse into a town at the end of a 40 mile trail ride. You can hear the music from an old piano as you pass by the Saloon. Dust and the smell of horses fill the air. Saloon girls, lawlessness, crime, shootouts... I could almost feel these things happening when I entered this town.

We visited an old abandoned town sitting on the side of the road near Virginia City, Montana (Remember, Virginia City is the town that Bonanza was based on). During the 1850's, gold ran out and the California Gold rush began. In an instant, this town was deserted as prospectors pack-up their pans and moved to California. Even the train cars were just left sitting on the tracks. It was easy for me to mentally travel back in time. Notice the hitching post and signage on some of the old buildings.

This place was a 10 on my really cool meter.

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Yellowstone and Jackson Hole Wyoming

Grand Prismatic geyser pool - Yellowstone

I can't even begin to tell you how INCREDIBLE our trip was. I guess you can tell from the images that I was in a photographers paradise. I have been reading about Yellowstone my whole life but it was nothing compared to what Angela and I experienced. Seeing a photo vs. actually staring straight up at a mountain are two very different things. We only had one day in Yellowstone but I am definitely going back. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I loved taking them.

All prints are posted in our fine art gallery at:

This view actually took my breath away. It was taken at Lower Falls.
(Notice the "Yellowstone")

I am not sure I like the way he is looking at me.

This barn is THE most photographed barn in America. Peterbuilt and Ford have used it as well as many other stock photography agencies. The Grand Tetons are in the background. It was kind of foggy when we were there.

This was an incredible cliff face. I shot this with a fish-eye lens to get the whole view. It reminds me of an Ansel Adams type of image.