Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ghost Town, Virginia City, Montana

Just imagine, you're riding your horse into a town at the end of a 40 mile trail ride. You can hear the music from an old piano as you pass by the Saloon. Dust and the smell of horses fill the air. Saloon girls, lawlessness, crime, shootouts... I could almost feel these things happening when I entered this town.

We visited an old abandoned town sitting on the side of the road near Virginia City, Montana (Remember, Virginia City is the town that Bonanza was based on). During the 1850's, gold ran out and the California Gold rush began. In an instant, this town was deserted as prospectors pack-up their pans and moved to California. Even the train cars were just left sitting on the tracks. It was easy for me to mentally travel back in time. Notice the hitching post and signage on some of the old buildings.

This place was a 10 on my really cool meter.

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