Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ryan and April - Along the Riverfront

The first time we scheduled their engagement session, the rain and 40 degree weather in December abruptly put a stop to an otherwise fun day. On January 23rd, we all picked up where we left off. It was the first day above 60 degrees in over a month. I get a little stir crazy during the winter. I can't wait to get out side and take photographs.
April and Ryan were very easy to talk to and between smiling and laughing, I think we all enjoyed getting out and taking in a little January sunshine. What a great looking couple!

I can't wait for their April 25th wedding. If this engagement session is any indication of what to expect, mark you calendar to check my blog and look at some incredible wedding photos.

Please post your comments to Ryan and April below.


Check this out. This is our very first HD You Tube video. We can now upload HD quality videos to you tube. The image and sound quality should be fantastic. Make sure that you click the HQ button on the bottom right to change the show to HD.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Funny (and shocking) Video

I found this video last year and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The event was recorded by Videos by Carol, Burbank Ca. I will admit, the music and fast motion make it funny, but the shocking part for me was that some photographers actually do this kind of thing. I can't imagine the look on peoples faces if they had to actually watch photographers disrupting the ceremony like this. I bet you also have been to a few weddings where the photographer(s) do this. Rest assured that I do not ever disrupt the ceremony.