Thursday, October 16, 2008

H&H Canvas Promotional Piece

I am just sitting here working on a few photos and I get an email from H&H Color Lab (the best professional color lab in the country) . When I open the e-mail, beautiful Jennifer Testerman-Morrow is looking right at me. We photographed Jennifer's bridal portrait this past summer at the Bluff View Art District in Chattanooga, Tennessee. H&H gets thousands of images daily and they picked Jennifer's Bridal for the Canvas promotion.

Angela and I are thrilled that H&H Color Lab chose Jennifer Testerman-Morrow's bridal image for a national marketing campaign for their Canvas Gallery Wrap prints. The print will appear in several nationally published professional photography magazines including Rangefinder and Professional Photographer. The print will also be printed to 30x40 and it will appear in the H&H booth at all national photography conventions. Angela and I are truly excited that this print was chosen and we want to thank the beautiful Jennifer Testerman - Morrow.

I think that I just might need to get one of these for my wall.


David L Smith Photography said...

That is a sweet image Greg! Thats awesome.

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I am agree with David that is awesome image thanks for sharing with us

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