Monday, July 7, 2008

Smok'in Engagement

Beautiful sunset + hot looking couple = Incredible engagement photos. I just had to show these off. I recently had the opportunity to shoot Jennifer and Ian's engagement photos. Their wedding is planned for July 19th. We used the riverfront area and ended up at the Walnut Street bridge to catch the sunset.

FYI - Check back here after July 19th. I can't wait to post Jennifer's bridal images for you to look at.


jentmorrow said...

Though we may be a "smoking couple" the Beasley's are AWESOME!!! They really made Ian and I (Jennifer) feel so comfortable around them. They taught us so much that day about taking photos with one another, and they taught us the "almost kiss" and how it has so much energy. The Beasley's captured REAL moments with me and my now hubby. I love them so much and their work is AWESOME!!!! They are such a great couple and the work great together. Greg has such an artistic eye and he can surprise you with locations he wants to shoot and they are so beautiful.